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Friday, January 1, 2010

VaneLeigh Going...

Well it's a new year and frankly I'm glad to see the old one gone! 2009 sucked and I'm hoping that things look up for me in 2010! I've started off the year with a new (old) resolution to save money and lose weight (get healthy) and also to have a baby this year!

Day 1: Have made healthy lunch and dinner to take to work with me. That's right...2 birds 1 stone! Not a bad way to start off the year! Went for a walk/run with my dog Coie (see picture), that's like double points in the "Get Healthy" column! Must work on the baby thing...haven't done that since last year, hahahaha (the joke isn't lame, you are)!

Not a resolution per se but I'm also determined to finish my first novel this year, I'd say right now it's about a 1/4 done. I'm not looking to have it published and become a rich and famous writer (although if that were to happen...JACKPOT!) but I would like the ability to say I have done it and have it for me.

This is the year so far and it's looking good!

Hugs and police work,


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  1. Well this was a great start Nessa...not too long, yet very informative. I feel like I know you a little better already!! :)

  2. To Nessa - *sniff, tear* I'm so proud!

    To Tora - WHAT?? You won't follow my blog? BOOOOOO!